Breast Cancer Survior, Pat Moxley, shares her Milkweed Balm Story

As of June 4, 2018, Patricia Moxley is cancer-free! Diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago, Moxley had a mastectomy to remove the tumor and surrounding breast tissue. Although the surgery was successful, it left her with some pain and discomfort in the area.

Customer Story: Kristin Holley

After being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, Kristin Holley had chemotherapy and radiation to eradicate the disease. With such intensive treatments, her body became stiff and sore.

Customer Story: “Everything I Need is in this Container”

Over the years, Carol has suffered from hip, leg, foot, and arm pain, which disrupts her sleeping and daily activities. "I tried over the counter pain medications and ointments, but nothing seemed to help me," she said. 

Meet Dov - Cancer Patient with Severe, Painful Rash from Chemo

It lessens the pain of the rash and relieves the itching, allowing me to get back to sleep at night, to focus on something other than the pain during the day, in short, to keep my focus on life, rather than pain.