Let Things Go

We have the power to move on and change our story.

Negativity affects our health more than we might realize. Harbored resentment may show up as a headache or upset stomach. When we let go, we allow ourselves to reset and move in a positive direction.

Of course, we all face pain from disease or medical treatments or accidents that we can't escape without help. Massage, meditation, eating well and sleeping are examples of selfcare that will help people recover from many ailments quicker.
We are grateful for the discovery of Milkweed Seed Oil that helps soothe muscles and tension. Know someone who needs to pamper themselves with a massage or warm bath? We have a limited supply of Milkweed Balm Travel Creams available to send out in December for people battling pain from cancer treatments.
We love being on the support team for people facing challenges.

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