AnyTime Milkweed Balm Cream

Our original, unscented AnyTime Milkweed Balm is the perfect way to soothe your tired, aching muscles and joints, and relax after a long day – or prepare for the day ahead. As part of the ClockWork Collection by Milkweed Balm, it’s made with the very best ingredients.

DownTime Milkweed Balm Cream

DownTime is the perfect companion for a relaxing evening after a long day. This formulation uses our classic Milkweed balm formula, combined with ingredients like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and Omega-7 fatty acids, with a powerful, relaxing lavender essential oil base.

GoTime Milkweed Balm Cream

Get up and GO! Think of sunny days and summer fun, no matter what season it is. With the bright citrus and mint therapeutic essential oils in GoTime, shown to boost alertness, your mood, and your ability to focus throughout the day, you are sure to put more bounce in your step.

GameTime Milkweed Balm Cream

When it’s GameTime, the ClockWork Collection by Milkweed Balm is just what you need. Our GameTime formulation is made with powerful wintergreen and eucalyptus essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy to boost your energy, enhance your focus, and prepare you for your workout, sporting event, or any other type of physical activity.