Relieve Pain, Restore Mobility

Relieve Pain Restore Mobility Milkweed Seed Oil is the "Other Weed" that helps you feel better naturally. Whether from chemo treatments, sports injuries, chronic back pain or arthritis, topically applied, Milkweed Balm is "Spot On" relief.

AnyTime Milkweed Balm Cream

From $ 12.00

Our ORIGINAL Formula! Soothe your skin, mind and muscles while saving Monarch Butterflies! AnyTime Milkweed Balm is the perfect way to relax after a long day - or prepare for the day ahead. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, this cream is the ideal way to show your skin some love. 


DownTime Milkweed Balm Cream

From $ 12.00
Relax your mind and destress from your day with DownTime Cream. Made with 100% natural ingredients, plus three therapeutic essential oils for the ultimate relaxation experience.

GameTime Milkweed Balm Cream

From $ 12.00
Restore your muscles while moisturizing your skin with GameTime Cream. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, plus three therapeutic essential oils to soothe your muscles and keep you in the game.

GoTime Milkweed Balm Cream

From $ 12.00

Get up and GO! Think of sunny days and summer fun, no matter what season it is with the bright citrus and mint essential oils in GoTime. 


Milkweed Balm Rollerball - Original

From $ 25.00

Just roll on our original Milkweed Balm formula to soothe your sore and tired muscles.

Vegan Body Brush

From $ 36.00

Dry Brushing is our new favorite routine for revitalizing your skin. The vegan sisal fibers improve skin elasticity and softness by removing dead skins cells and optimizing hydration. 

A healthy lifestyle starts with taking care of the largest organ in your body: the skin. Not only does Dry Brushing help tame dry, itchy skin, it improves drainage of the lymphatic system where toxins are filtered. We recommend taking a shower or bath and drinking plenty of water after Dry Brushing. 

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Massage with DownTime

Supporting your health while supporting others. DownTime helps give back to communities and regenerates our environment through protecting monarch butterfly habitat.

Crafted with therapeutic essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, and Frankincense to promote relaxation and recovery.

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