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Sports Recovery

Milkweed Balm for Sports Performance and Recovery.
You have drive and determination. When pushing hard toward your goals, Try Milkweed Balm. Soothe sore muscles and joints.  Speed recovery and achieve your dreams.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than training faithfully and having your efforts thwarted by injury or extreme discomfort. Hydrate, eat healthy foods, warm up, rest your muscles, sleep well, and apply Milkweed Balm.  Muscle recovery time is an essential part of any workout routine. Your warm up and recovery routine enables you to increase your sports performance and allows you to train much more effectively.  

When you start a workout, muscles need to be warmed up gradually. Mild stretching and massage are two ways to get your muscles ready to workout. When you combine these activities with Milkweed Balm, massaging on trouble spots or sore muscles, circulation improves and gets your blood flowing to areas that could use some extra "help".

 Cooling down properly is equally important, when you finish, your muscles need time to be disengaged.  Abrupt stops and starts throughout the workout may cause an injury. Reapplying Milkweed Balm after your workout may promote faster recovery.

Milkweed Balm is a synergistic blend of GMO free, natural oils: milkweed seed oil, jojoba oil and soybean oil. No preservatives, no fragrance. Just massage it on and go.

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This oil nourishes your skin and rejuvenates your body. 

"The Milkweed Balm Cream is saving my crazy runner's knees. Thanks so much for today's extra miles!"  Leigh, Cleveland, OH  ~
"As an avid biker and Zumba participant, my knees were killing me! But after applying Milkweed Balm, I have close to no pain. I used to use a different treatment, but I don't even take that anymore. Milkweed Balm has eliminated my need to take it. So count me in as a definite believer in the Balm's ability to relieve joint pain!"  Cathy, Sutton, NE  ~
"I had no idea of so many uses for this plant! The product does work very well as I tried a little on my joints after my ½ marathon this past weekend in Lincoln, NE!" Angie, Omaha, NE  ~