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Longtime user

Interesting it is that I get a request today to review my most recent purchase of Milkweed Balm. Only today I recommended this product to a friend who is suffering with pain in the wrist following an operation.

From my point of view the only thing I can say is that I have been using Milkweed Balm for more years than I can remember. The point is, I keep using it year after year because it works. If I neglect it, the pain returns. Then I'm reminded ..., Oh! I'd better apply some balm. Bottom line: Milkweed Balm is affective in mitigating pain. For those who have never used it before, be advised that it is not a quick fix. At least for me it was not. When first beginning to use Milkweed Balm, it takes 2/3 days before the results are felt. Then it's..., Oh, hey, no more pain. JP

Great product

I’ve read allot about the benefits of milkweed and was excited to find this balm. I use it on a recently pulled muscle and it’s helped allot. Look forward to continued use.

Milkweed balm

I have used milkweed balm for years now, I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and I am full of arthritis, the balm does help with the pain. It is a very good product.

Like it

Great for back pain.

Thanks for letting us know! Grateful for the review.

I have severe arthritis and osteoporosis and using Milkweed has gotten me through some very tough days. I think it’s amazing. All I can say is thank you Milkweed.

Thank you Virginia!
Your review made our day. Hopefully telling your story will inspire someone else to try Milkweed Balm and they will get the same kind of relief.
Grateful for your willingness to share.
The MWB Team

The Bomb!

Love it!

Great Stuff

I searched for something for my Grand daughters Migrains. Milkweed Balm seemed likely. She is really picky and won't use it because of the smell. I have some arthurites in my fingers and tried it. I was getting trigger point shots in my little finger for a year, every 3 months. I applied Milkweed Blam to it and after 1 month, everyday, my finger felt normal, no more pain, no more shots. I have used it periodically for 8 yrs and get athuritic pain relief with use.

We love hearing this Bob! - At least YOUR story...
We understand some people do not appreciate the 'wild' smell of the Rollerball, but it dissipates quickly and it HAS worked on many people's migraines.
Alternatively, she could try the creams that we added essential oils to help those that prefer different smells than the unscented AnyTime.
DownTime cream has lavender and is one of our best sellers.
So glad that you were able to discontinue trigger point shots with the use of Milkweed Balm! Your story made our day!

Great cream

I Love it have to order more ?

Great product

It’s been a while since I bought this product but must say it works! Used it on my sore back and it worked within minutes!

Miracle worker

This stuff is great! My wife loves it and it has made her feet feel so much better!

We LOVE hearing that! Thank you for sharing.

Nor helping

This milkweed is not helping my pain in my knees

Hi Margaret,
We know you are a repeat customer, so this review surprises us a bit.
Sometimes it takes multiple applications to get relief, Milkweed Balm has an accumulative effect so the longer the use it, the more relief.
If it was working previously and then stopped working, we'd recommend a visit with your doctor for a re-evaluation.
We are grateful for your continued support.
The Milkweed Balm Team

Sore Throat and Muscle Recovery

Weird. When I had a sore throat, I rub some milkweed balm on it and it felt way better. While I've used it on sore muscles, it was pretty surprising that it worked on my sore throat as well. I keep finding new ways to use it. Thank you. Highly recommend.

Miracle Product

I have been using Milkweed Balm since I had cancer in 2014. Since then I have spread the word to my Dr, friends and family. Happily, they all LOVE it like I do!
Don't stop doing what you do!!!!


I love the fact that these are made from a local native plant! The packaging gets a 5-star, speed of delivery 5-star, the feel of the balm 5-star. I am only objecting to the fragrance; I am using GoTime Citrus and Mint. I haven't opened the others as these are being gifted.

Wonderful product. My foot would burn all day long and this balm has helped tremendously! My granddaughter thought about. Me and sent me some citrus balm . Thank you Kim!

Love this balm, it really works!

I have recommended to so many people over the years, I feel pain free with this balm - it’s incredible. Thank you for your wonderful product!

Milkweed Balm cream

I love this product. This helped out with the arthritis.😀

It works

My husband has pancreatic Cancer and is going through chemo. It is helping the neuropathy in his hands. He has only used it for 2 days and feels a difference

Milkweed balm cream

It does not work like the oil that I had, and the oil is so expensive

Go time is wonderful

I really like this one , go time. It has a very soft and nice scent and works well.

Calming scent

I like to use the Downtime Cream at bedtime, as it has a calming scent along with the benefits of the Anytime Cream. Helps keep the aches away during the night!

Feels great

Loved the moisturizing aspect and I think it helped my arthritis

I have been using this balm on my hands & it really helps a lot. I need surgery on both hands to replace some joints yet, absolutely do not want to go into the hospital for any surgery during these uncertain times. So this balm really helps.

Anytime cream

Good product ..

Seams to do the trick

Like many natural remedies your never sure of its claims. But it did seem to help with a headache and some sore joints. It's a very pleasant consistency. It's a bit grassy smelling but not to bad. Give it a try and see if it works for you.