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Love it use it on my knees every morning

Great Moisturizer-No Relief from Pain!

Very disappointed with this purchase! I do have a very bad case of neuropathy. I purchased 2 products for my mother in law, daughter in law going thru chemo & myself. No one seems to think it works. For the price-I was really hopeful!

Hi Leigh,
We are grateful for the feedback. Milkweed Balm does have a cumulative effect, especially in the types of cases you describe. Please have them use the entire jar that you purchased for them.
If they are still not happy, we do have a 'Love it or your money back' Guarantee for the Travel Cream. We can credit your account.
We wish it would have worked quicker for them.
The Milkweed Balm Team

Whih one is best for neuropathy pain.

Thanks for asking Betty. All of them have been used for neuropathy by various customers. The DownTime has the added benefit of Lavendar and Frankincense essential oils, both of which have shown to help with neuropathy.

Milkweed Oil Spray

Milkweed Oil Spray does a very good job. Each time I have applied the oil to painful areas on my body (lower back, right index finger) the pain has stopped. The pain associated with my index finger came back the next day but was less. I applied Milkweed Oil Spray again and the pain stopped and did not come back. One pump of the spray goes a long way.

Milkweed Oil Spray

I guess it comes as no surprise to me that I have already fallen in love with your new product, Anytime Milkweed Oil Spray. I've never tried any products that I haven't liked, but the oil spray really is phenomenal for a few extra reasons! When you have pain in so many areas of your body, you appreciate the extra convenience and ease in applying your medicine. The spray does just that to the hard to reach areas. Now the balms and roller are smooth, but the oil is just awesome and spreads like no other.
It softens your skin better than ever. Especially nice for my neck and shoulders that were hurt in an accident. The balm,I prefer Downtime Lavender for my knees 💜, but the spray works it magic there as well. Of course, I can't forget to mention my sciatic nerves, the spray is also beneficial for this hard reaching area as well. The only thing that can make it better is in Lavender Downtime 💜! It just smells so good you just want more 💜.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with pain anywhere to give it a try. I'm glad I did!


I use this rollerball oil almost daily. Promptly removes my chronic neck pain, ALWAYS! Better than anything I’ve ever tried! Thank you!

Aleves muscle and nerve pain.

I was introduced to Milkweed Balm when I led aLiveStong survivor class at the YMCA. Participants suffered from nerve pain due to chemotherapy. After using Milkweed balm pain was reduced. It is a wonderful product.

4 Travel Size Milkweed Balm’s.

4 Travel Size Milkweed Balm’s.

GameTime Milkweed Balm Cream
Patricia J Gaines

I have been using “Game Time” Milkweed Balm for many of years! It helps me continually to relieve pain in knee and helps immensely with my neuropathy! P.Gaines

What is the % of milkweed oil in the balm?

I am so curious what % of milkweed oil is in the balm to be so wonderfully effective?

Thanks Margaret!
We are so glad Milkweed Balm works well for you.
Our recipe is not available to share, but we found a 'Sweet Spot' where it seems both less and more milkweed seed oil percentage has less effectiveness.
Thrilled to be able to provide you relief!
Grateful for the review.


I let myself run out of balm and suffered for it. The spray is awesome! I put it on as soon as it arrived and I felt relief soon after. I love milk week balm and the spray is fantastic!

Down time milkweed Balm

I Love this Balm it has such a wonderful Lavender scent and it leaves my skin soft.

Original Label Milkweed Balm Cream

Awesome! Works on all your painful parts . . .knees, scoliosis, sciatic nerves, shoulders, neck it is wonderful after therapy too! Have used for 7 years!

I have used it for 7 years now and swear by it. My favorite is now lavender, but they are all wonderful. I use it several times daily, and everything I go to Physical Therapy, my therapist, uses it on me after dry needling. It works on my sciatic nerves, knees, neck, shoulders, foot, and probably anywhere you might need it.
After getting hit by a truck, I could have used a vat of that rather than a jar! Couldn't keep it in stock! Highly recommend for everyone for everything!!!

Basic Bundle
Marisa Carey

Don't push to hard with the brush as it's brand and will take your skin off. Cream works really well toning down the pain.

The Only thing better than the original one is the Lavender! If you love Lavender and you use the regular balm or are considering it,this is the best because it just smells so good and will help you sleep also.

This product is my go-to for pain and comfort. It helps my knees,shoulders, sciatic nerves, and
neck. My physical therapist uses it at all my sessions for massage and after dri needling. It just feels good and gives relief to areas that ache constantly while actually healing. I have been using it for over 6 years now.

Hard to Believe in Miracles, But.......

I think Milkweed Balm is the real deal. I started using it because it was a gift from sister and I did not want it to go to waste. I used it nightly, believing it was just a moisturizer. After a couple of weeks, though, I noticed my trigger thumb was not triggering any more and my hands weren't aching like they'd been. Using Milkweed Balm was the only thing different in those couple of weeks. I AM A CONVERT! I've ordered extra because now I never want to be without it. THANK YOU.

Longtime user

Interesting it is that I get a request today to review my most recent purchase of Milkweed Balm. Only today I recommended this product to a friend who is suffering with pain in the wrist following an operation.

From my point of view the only thing I can say is that I have been using Milkweed Balm for more years than I can remember. The point is, I keep using it year after year because it works. If I neglect it, the pain returns. Then I'm reminded ..., Oh! I'd better apply some balm. Bottom line: Milkweed Balm is affective in mitigating pain. For those who have never used it before, be advised that it is not a quick fix. At least for me it was not. When first beginning to use Milkweed Balm, it takes 2/3 days before the results are felt. Then it's..., Oh, hey, no more pain. JP

Great product light scent highly recommend

Great product

I’ve read allot about the benefits of milkweed and was excited to find this balm. I use it on a recently pulled muscle and it’s helped allot. Look forward to continued use.

Milkweed balm

I have used milkweed balm for years now, I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and I am full of arthritis, the balm does help with the pain. It is a very good product.

Like it

Great for back pain.

Thanks for letting us know! Grateful for the review.

I have severe arthritis and osteoporosis and using Milkweed has gotten me through some very tough days. I think it’s amazing. All I can say is thank you Milkweed.

Thank you Virginia!
Your review made our day. Hopefully telling your story will inspire someone else to try Milkweed Balm and they will get the same kind of relief.
Grateful for your willingness to share.
The MWB Team

Original Label Milkweed Balm Cream
Debbie Ballin
The Bomb!

Love it!