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We have been working with milkweed since 1987. After 25 years and some happenstance, we discovered the soothing qualities of milkweed seed oil. The botanical name for milkweed is Asclepias, named after the Greek god of healing by Carl Linneaus in 1753. Milkweed Seed Oil is full of Omega 7's, a fatty acid found in the skin's sebum but diminishes as we age, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants. Milkweed Balm is a synergistic blend of GMO Free plant oils that help soothe muscles.

Our late founder, Herb Knudsen, Chemist and Patent Attorney, was the first to use milkweed oil. He was desperate and faced with an UNWANTED hip replacement surgery, due to osteoarthritis. He applied Milkweed Balm to his hip. To everyone’s surprise, he started walking straighter and moving better. He canceled his surgery and was able to postpone it for two years!

 Herb acquired the “Milkweed Project” in1987 when he was Vice President of New Ventures for Standard Oil of Ohio, and created Natural Fibers Corporation, now known as Monarch Flyway. Herb developed low volume, high value products and Companies.

“People have tried to commercialize Milkweed for hundreds of years, none of them successful.” – said Knudsen.

“After evaluating efforts by the French in the1600’s and most recently, the Milkweed Corporation of America in the 1940’s we chose to develop high value products to start and sustain Monarch Flyway.”

Monarch Flyway

Monarch Flyway, our parent company, creates a symbiotic relationship between Monarch habitat and people by generating and supporting the development of products from sustainably harvested, wild crafted milkweed raw materials.  Milkweed Balm is proud to be a part of that mission. The possibilities are truly endless with milkweed. Our mission is to discover as many beneficial uses for milkweed and make them available to people so their lives can be better.

 Why Monarchs?  Milkweed is the sole food source of monarch butterfly caterpillars.  Monarchs migrate from Mexico through the United States and Canada and back to Mexico every summer.  With current land management practices, monarch habitat is being destroyed.  We protect wild milkweed patches and encourage people to grow more milkweed to fuel the migration.

Monarch Flyway’s first value-added business was Ogallala Comfort established in 1988. The soft, silky milkweed fibers combine with down to create hypoallergenic, more durable and more comfortable sleeping products than traditional down.

Herb Knudsen, Milkweed Balm Inventor

July 23, 1941 ~ April 18, 2020

Herb was an innovator and saw endless possibilities in what could be done with milkweed. His creative spirit always kept us on our toes; just waiting for the next big idea. He was passionate about this company and led us with integrity. Beyond his career, Herb was very involved in Rotary, Teammates Mentoring and the Youth Soccer Program.  He volunteered wherever and whenever he could. His optimism was infectious.

Herb will be dearly missed, but his legacy will live on through the milkweed business in the capable hands of his wife, Karen and daughter, Debbie.