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Heat Advisory Melting Instructions

We all love Milkweed Balm. However, Milkweed Balm does not like heat.

Milkweed Balm is made with all natural ingredients and some of those have a low melting point of 75°. This causes our product to soften or even melt in transport. But don’t worry.  Even in a melted or softened state Milkweed Balm is just as effective.

Here are some steps you can take to firm up your Milkweed Balm again.

  • Place in freezer immediately after opening your package for a couple hours to overnight.
  • DO NOT open container. It may be liquid, and we don’t want it to spill on you

After taking your balm out of the freezer you may notice a gritty or oily texture.  That comes from the natural shea butter. If shea butter is not melted completely, it crystalizes when it firms back up.  Milkweed Balm is still just as effective in this form.  The grainy texture adds a nice exfoliation on application.  We know it doesn’t look the best and we wish we could figure out how to keep this from happening.  We cannot change the nature of natural shea butter.

If you find your balm too grainy for your liking, you can naturally heat your balm by placing it in a warm and sunny location and then popping it back in the freezer once it softens or melts in the sun.  This may not get rid of the grainy texture 100% but it should lessen the exfoliation. NEVER MICROWAVE Milkweed Balm! You risk breaking down the essential natural properties that provide relief. You could also heat it too much and risk burning yourself.

This seems like a lot in the summertime.  Just remember that no matter what state your Milkweed Balm cream is in it is still effective. Remember to always store you Milkweed Balm in a cool place out of direct sunlight once it’s in the state you desire. You can always keep it in the fridge or freeze for some added cooling relief from summertime injuries.

Thank you for choosing Milkweed Balm.