Refund Policy

Milkweed Seed Oil is the unique ingredient in each cream, lotion, scrub and serum we create. It is rich with Omega 7 fatty acids that are found naturally in our skin's sebum but tend to diminish as we age. It is incredibly moisturizing with it's abundance of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, along with Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene. 

We are so proud of each product we blend and work tirelessly to ensure we use only the BEST ingredients. LOVE it, or we will refund your money. We believe Milkweed Balm will help you just as much as it has helped so many others. If you have not tried it before, we want you to know that we refund the AnyTime Travel Cream, .5 oz, size. So, if you don’t already love it, please know that we cap the refund out at $12 for the travel cream. Thank you!

Our Vegan Body Brushes are new and so beautiful! They are used for dry brushing which helps circulate the lymphatic system, remove dead skin cells, tighten and tone muscles & reduce cellulite. As this product is used on your body, we are unable to offer a return for this item. 

XOXO - The Milkweed Balm Team