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Migraines and Headaches

Milkweed Balm for
     Migraines & Headaches 

Think you are the only one affected by your headache?  Think again.

Loved ones, co-workers, children and customers ALL feel the pain.

Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and of them, 28 million suffer from migraines. Migraines and other types of headache -- such as tension headache and sinus headache -- are painful and can rob you of quality of life.
When you have a migraine or severe headache, you: can't focus, and may be unable to work, might be short tempered, easily frustrated, nauseous, light sensitive and just want the pain to stop, NOW!

Living with migraines or someone who suffers from them can be tough. Now, there is a natural and almost instant solution, while we don't know WHY it works, our Milkweed Balm has provided almost instant relief for migraine sufferers without other medications. Simply roll the Milkweed Balm on the area of pain and go on with life... with a SMILE! 

Milkweed Balm is a synergistic blend of natural oils: milkweed seed oil, jojoba oil and soybean oil. No preservatives, no fragrance. Just roll it on and go. The small rollerball is like "Pain Relief in your Pocket". 

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Customers who have tried and love our Milkweed Balm for their tough headaches.

"I love this stuff!!!
I suffer from Migraines and if I feel one about to start...instead of popping a pill I can rub some on my neck and temples and away I go!!!! Doesn't slow me down like the drugs can! 
I highly recommend it to anyone who has headaches of any kind...stress...sinus...migraines!!!"

Tracey, Wellsville, KS  ~
"Tried it already Saturday night and it worked almost immediately! I rubbed it on my temple and neck where the pain had started and then before bed I rubbed on my shoulder where the same kind of pain was and woke up with no migraine and NO meds!! I am looking forward to seeing if this works again! I have suffered with migraines for 27 years and as I am getting older they are getting worse."
Tammy, Covington, KY  ~
"I used that Milkweed Balm for a migraine headache and it worked! I was shocked!"
Sandra, Phoenix, AZ  ~