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Cancer Pain

You are brave. You face treatments with determination. You push through your shock, fears and pain in the hope of a brighter future.

Chemotherapy and Radiation have helped save thousands who have been diagnosed with cancer. It has been a guiding light of hope to many- though, it does come with drawbacks: skin sensitivity, rash, muscle and joint pain, nausea, etc. Milkweed Balm has been proven to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, so you can focus on healing.

"Using the cream now...it takes a little longer but it does help the pain. Last night I was in severe pain on my left leg and foot...it prevented me from sleeping. I applied the cream and within about five minutes the pain subsided and allowed me to sleep for about four hours. I applied it again and went back to sleep. Thanks so much!" Carla, Chicago, IL ~

"Very excited! Tried it out last night especially on places in my upper chest, on the ribs and under the arms which have been so sore. These are places where the muscles have been so tight and sensitive that even the lightest touch was extremely painful - it hurt even to apply the cream. I would say that this morning I am definitely noticing relief in these areas, which is a God send. Thank you!" Berdine, Philadelphia, PA ~

Guaranteed that you will LOVE it, or we refund your money. Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, Milkweed Balm can help ease pain, restore mobility, and give hope.

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