Cancer Pain

You are brave. You face treatments with determination. But now, you need to be rescued from the cure. The aching joints, muscles and bones scream. You need a break. Try Milkweed Balm.    Cancer patients find pain relief with topically applied Milkweed Balm.





The diagnosis is shocking and scary, but more than one million people in the United States get cancer each year. Chemotherapy is one treatment that destroys cancer cells by targeting rapidly dividing cells. Unfortunately, healthy cells also get damaged in the process. The good news is that healthy cells do a pretty good job of repairing themselves, but it takes time.
Neuropathy is pain or discomfort caused by damage to the nerves of the peripheral nervous system: made up of the many nerves that bring signals from the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body, such as the hands and feet. Damage to those nerves can affect the way the body sends signals to muscles, joints, skin, bones, and internal organs. Topically applied, Milkweed Balm eases the pain and discomfort associated with Neuropathy pain, so you ONLY treat the areas that hurt instead of filling your body with more medication. 
Milkweed Balm products are a synergistic blend of GMO Free, natural oils. No preservatives, no fragrance. Just roll it on or put on the cream and go. The small rollerball is like "Pain Relief in your Pocket", the cream helps treat large, sensitive areas. Guaranteed that you will LOVE it, or we refund your money. 
Whether you have cancer or are close to someone who does, Milkweed Balm can help ease pain, restore mobility, and give hope.

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This anti-inflammatory oil nourishes your skin and rejuvenates your body.   

          Monarch Flyway offers milkweed balm and cream for chemotherapy, arthritis joint pains, migraines, sports injuries anti-inflammatory oil nourishes your skin and rejuvenates your body

"I had chemo this week. Typically I feel as if I have the flu. Very painful all over. I applied the milkweed balm to the tops of my hands and the sides of my neck. It did ease the pain. Thanks so much for what you do."  Amy, Sunnyvale, TX  ~
"Very excited! Tried it out last night especially on places in my upper chest, on the ribs and under the arms which have been so sore. These are places where the muscles have been so tight and sensitive that even the lightest touch was extremely painful - it hurt even to apply the cream. I would say that this morning I am definitely noticing relief in these areas, which is a God send. Thank you!"  Berdine, Philadelphia, PA  ~
"Using the cream takes a little longer but it does help the pain. Last night I was in severe pain on my left leg and prevented me from sleeping. I applied the cream and within about five minutes the pain subsided and allowed me to sleep for about four hours. I applied it again and went back to sleep. Thanks so much!"  Carla, Chicago, IL  ~