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Struggling with Neuropathy Pain?

Neuropathy -- A dirty and painful word for those who have it and a blessing to those that don’t have it or even know what it is. Neuropathy is the pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness caused by nerve damage or dysfunction. The cause of the damage or dysfunction can be hereditary, illness, medication side effects or physical injury. An estimated 30% of people who are diabetic, have received chemotherapy, or have an autoimmune disease are likely to develop a form of neuropathy. Pain sensations range from numbness and pins and needles tingling to lightning sharp or burning pain to loss of motor coordination or loss of organ control.

Now that we know what neuropathy may ask yourself “how do you treat it?” Good question. If the neuropathy is caused by diabetes or an infection you may be prescribed a medication to help relieve pain in your peripheral nervous system and potentially cure the cause of the pain and relieve symptoms. However, if your neuropathy is caused by chemo treatment, physical trauma, or medicinal side-effects, you may be prescribed pain medication and or physical therapy to control the pain. But didn’t I just say that one of the causes was medicinal side-effects? We’ve all seen the commercials where the list of side-effects is longer than what the medication helps to cure. Why would you want to put something in your body that may help but may also give you so many more side-effects to deal with than just Neuropathy?

There is hope. There is another option to medication. This new and exciting option can be used alone or in conjunction with medication, physical therapy, and proper diet and exercise. I give you---- Milkweed Balm! Milkweed Balm is GMO-free oil pressed from milkweed seeds that are full of omega 7 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory agents, and antioxidants to give you a natural option to help deal with neuropathy and other pain. Native Americans have used the milkweed plant for years with one of the uses being in salves to treat rashes, swelling, and rheumatism pains.

Our Milkweed Balm comes in four naturally scented creams and an oil rollerball form.

Neuropathy Reviews

I have tried numerous different creams and lotions along with prescription drugs for my neuropathy and nothing has worked like Milkweed. It’s the best that I have used. - Sharon W.

Thank you so much, after 1 use knee pain was gone and neuropathy in my feet disappeared. - Virginia C.

The Rollerball is fantastic for my neuropathy. Settles my feet before sleep. - Kathleen O.

The Milkweed Balm products are a Godsend! Our Mom battled cancer, with a severe case of neuropathy, in her hands and fingertips. The rollerball was ideal and easy for her to use. Our Mom has since passed away, but I recently purchased more rollerballs, for a friend whose husband is dealing with neuropathy, as well. He loves it! We are very grateful for these products! #cancersucks - Stacey B.

Absolutely love these products! Helped tremendously with my neuropathy after chemo and have continued using it for the last few years anytime we have muscle aches, pain, headaches, etc. Highly recommend! - Amber W.

Ordered for Neuropathy and back pain - I just started using it for about 8 days now but I felt it working immediately. I will continue to use it to see the full benefits and results and let y'all know after 30 days. But so far I love it. - Avis W.

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