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Meet Dov - Cancer Patient with Severe, Painful Rash from Chemo

I am a cancer patient currently in treatment, and one of the roughest side-effects from chemotherapy is a burning, itchy rash that covers my chest, neck and face.  I often wake in the night itching my skin raw, in pain, and unable to get back to sleep.  

I tried a huge number of different lotions, but they would relieve the pain and burning for a few minutes at best, and at worst would burn me even more with the various perfumes in them.  All in all, they ended up being more frustrating than anything.  Then a friend gave me some milkweed balm to try.

Milk weed balm has helped me out immensely! It lessens the pain of the rash and relieves the itching, allowing me to get back to sleep at night, to focus on something other than the pain during the day, in short, to keep my focus on life, rather than pain.


- Dov