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4 Old Myths About Sports Injuries

When it comes to treating sports injuries some people rely on opinions in lieu of sound medical advice. Unfortunately, improper treatment can lead to complications or further injury down the road. Here are 4 common MYTHS associated with injury and the FACTS that will help you get back on the road to recovery.

MYTH # 1: No pain, no gain — Although some pain is normal when you are active, severe or constant pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. If you push through the pain, you are likely to exacerbate the problem, which will lead to an injury. If you don't want to sit on the sidelines, pay attention to your body and back off when something doesn't feel right.

MYTH # 2: Stretching prevents injuries — Stretching is important, but that alone won't prevent an injury. You also need to strengthen your muscles. Underactive and weak muscles could be the root of the problem. Static stretching actually leads to weakness in the muscles you've just stretched, so instead, try warming up by walking or jogging. 

MYTH # 3: Icing decreases swelling — Although this goes against everything we've heard, ice can actually delay your healing. Ice does temporarily diminish the swelling and inflammation associated with an injury, however, when your tissues warm up, the inflammatory process resumes. Recent studies suggest that if you delay or inhibit inflammation, you will also delay your healing. If you do choose to ice your injury, do so in short bursts to allow the blood flow to return to the area. 

MYTH # 4: Rest is the best medicine — While rest may initially reduce inflammation and make you feel better, rest alone will not treat the root cause of a soft tissue injury. In addition, depending on the injury, your doctor will probably want you to move your body during rehabilitation. You may have to modify some exercises or omit some altogether, but you will still need to exercise. 

A sports injury can be painful and frustrating. In addition to the advice your receive from a medical professional, you can safely use Milkweed Balm soothe your muscles during rehabilitation. Milkweed Balm a great natural alternative option.