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5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Holiday Gift Basket for Patients

The holidays are a great time of year to show care and concern for loved ones with cancer. Preparing a basket with thoughtful items is a great way to customize your gift and express your feelings.
1. Choose your basket. First think about what you would like to include in the basket. This will determine the size and shape basket you will need. Small personal items will be easy to incorporate, but make sure you have room for one or two bigger items, too. You might want to select a basket that can be recycled for another purpose after the gift is opened.
2. Pick a theme. Themed baskets are popular, and since your loved one is experiencing a health issue, it would be great to include items that will lift their spirits or make them feel better. A warm, personalized blanket is perfect for the larger item in your basket. Chemo patients are often cold during treatment, so a blanket would be a thoughtful, useful gift. Novel or warm, fuzzy socks would pair well with the blanket.
3. Include Milkweed Balm. Since many cancer patients suffer from neuropathy, include a few tubs or roll-on tubes of Milkweed Balm to help soothe their muscles. This natural alternative will be a welcome change to the countless medications your loved one has taken. Include other natural products for moisturizing and relaxation, too.
4. Add your favorite book and a special treat! Books are always a good gift. Think about choosing one or two inspirational stories or messages of hope to include in the basket. Be sensitive to topics that may be upsetting or frightening. Humor is often well-received. To really personalize your basket, add a homemade treat or your loved one’s favorite snack.
5. Finally, tie up your basket with cellophane and some pretty ribbon, and relish in the enjoyment your gift brings to someone special this holiday season.