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7 Reasons Why a Massage Can Lead to Better Health

Once a luxury service offered in upscale spas, massage therapy is now available in health clubs, businesses, clinics and as a form of alternative medicine. Massage therapy can range from gentle stroking to deep pressure and can have many benefits to your health. Coupled with the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties in Milkweed Balm, massage therapy can reduce stress, pain and muscle tension for many conditions. Here are 7 reasons why a massage can lead to better health.

  1. Reduce Anxiety/Depression — Some studies indicate that the stress hormone cortisol is lower immediately after massage. Massage therapy also increases seratonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.
  2. Relieve Headaches — Massage therapy can help with tension headaches and migraines. It promotes circulation, decreases pain from trigger points and helps regulate certain hormones. 
  3. Reduce Pain from Sports Injuries — Whether it’s a sprained ankle or hamstring injury, massage can help restore movement, flush out swelling in joints and accelerate the healing process.
  4. Ease Pain from Fibromyalgia — Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that is associated with widespread chronic pain, fatigue, memory problems and mood changes. Many sufferers find relief through massage because it relaxes muscles, reduces the heart rate, improves range of motion and increases production of the body’s natural pain killers.
  5. Decrease Joint Pain — As a complementary treatment, massage can ease join pain for many arthritis sufferers. Massage can help control pain and improve muscle flexibility by increasing the blood flow to those areas. 
  6. Fight Insomnia — Seratonin is necessary for healthy sleep. Massage can increase seratonin levels and promote relaxation which can lead to a better night’s rest. Regular massage for the sleep-deprived is a good alternative to medications that may have side effects.
  7. Manage Lower Back Pain — If your lower back pain in the result of muscle tension or strain, massage can help. A professional massage therapist can target the right muscles to provide relief and improve range of motion.