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9 Everyday Activities to Ease Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain can impact your daily activities and quality of life. From skipping daily exercise to putting on a few extra pounds, your lifestyle choices can be doing more harm to your aching joints than you may realize. Take control of your arthritis pain by incorporating simple tasks and good choices that will help you feel your best. Here are 9 ways to ease your arthritis pain. 

  1. Incorporate a gentle aerobic activity into your daily routine. Walking, biking, and swimming will increase your heart rate without putting too much pressure on your joints. 
  2. Strengthen your muscles. Strong muscles will take some of the pressure off your joints. You can lift light weights, work with resistance bands or use your own body weight to strengthen your muscles.
  3. Practice balancing activities. Some people who suffer from arthritis are prone to falling. Improve your balance through yoga or tai chi, or simply add a few balancing moves to your exercise routine. 
  4. Stay flexible. Daily tasks such as preparing meals and bathing may become difficult when joints are stiff. Doing daily flexibility exercise for upper and lower joints will help your range of motion. 
  5. Keep an eye on the scale. Even a small weight gain can cause wear and tear on your joints. When you are overweight, your joints carry a greater load, and your aches and pains may be the result. 
  6. Make healthy food choices. The omega-3 fatty acids found in certain foods like salmon have anti-inflammatory properties that can ease arthritis pain.
  7. Keep your bones healthy by getting enough Vitamin D. Amp up the Vitamin D food sources in your diet such as milk, eggs, and yogurt. Be sure to get outside and catch a few rays, too.
  8. Use Milkweed Balm. Apply Milkweed Balm at least twice a day and before physical activity. The anti-inflammatory properties of Milkweed Balm may help promote bone, joint, and muscle health.
  9. Get enough sleep. Sleep is important to your overall health and pain management. If you are struggling to get comfortable at night, apply Milkweed Balm before bed and break the vicious cycle. 

You don't have to suffer from pain anymore. Work with your doctor to create a physical activity plan that will work for you and follow these tips to improve your quality of life.