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A Natural Jar of Bliss

Pam Featherstone, owner of Featherstone Supply, started using Milkweed Balm as a remedy to remove shards of plastic, glass and metals that embedded themselves into her hands and eyes during an exposure to bagged soil containing nitrates, dioxins and heavy metals. Back in March, Featherstone noticed a black chip in her thumbs, followed by unbearable pain and pressure in her swollen hands.
Feeling frustrated after visiting the family doctor four times, the eye doctor twice and the dermatologist twice, Featherstone was left to figure this mystery out for herself. She began to narrow down the source and learned the cause was the soil she used with bare hands to transplant seedlings.
A true naturalist and outdoor person, Featherstone has always been tuned into the world of herbal remedies, so when she discovered Milkweed Balm on Facebook, she was excited to give it a try. “It is a field-ready product that is all natural! It can be applied in highly sensitive areas such as eyes and directly to the wound without any recourse,” she explained. “This product softens the wound, allows foreign material to surface and provides pain relief.”
Featherstone uses Milkweed Balm on her dog, which was also exposed to the toxic soil, and for other discomforts such as poison ivy, bug bites, cuts and scrapes. “I would think all soldiers should have a supply of this wonderful balm for immediate use in the field. It’s a natural jar of bliss that should be a staple in nursing homes, veterinary offices, hospitals and everyone’s medicine cabinet or pocket,” Featherstone said.