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A true godsend: Milkweed Balm takes away the pain

In 2015, Stacy Kelsey was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer after insisting that her routine mammography was not accurate. Her aggressive cancer required aggressive treatment, so Kelsey had a full mastectomy on her right side and began chemotherapy shortly after. She suffered many side effects and was sick throughout her entire treatment. Although the chemotherapy has ended, the pain has not, and she still has radiation ahead of her. 

One day during chemo, a friend introduced Kelsey to Milkweed Balm.

“I had really bad leg cramps,” she said. “My friend pushed up my pant legs and started to rub this cream on me. Within 3-5 minutes, I had NO pain!”

Kelsey’s friend had used Milkweed Balm during her own treatment, and they both continue to use it today. Prior to finding out about Milkweed Balm, Kelsey used over-the-counter medications and muscle relaxers, but nothing worked.

“I love that it really does work, and works fast. I use Milkweed on any pain or ache that I have. It is a godsend,” Kelsey said.

“I always recommend Milkweed Balm to others. I keep a small bottle in the living room so if someone stops by, they can try it,” she said. “Milkweed Balm was recommended to me and I will recommend it to everyone. Love, love, love it and will never be without it.” 

An accomplished author, Stacy Kelsey has written and published three children’s books. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, camping, boating and crocheting blankets for other cancer patients.