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Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for many types of cancer as it targets cells that are actively growing and dividing; however, it can also damage healthy cells that maintain the body’s functions. As a result, many chemotherapy patients experience unpleasant side effects, including pain.
Painful side effects from chemotherapy vary from person to person and often depend on certain factors such as overall health, dosage and type of cancer. Many people experience nerve pain, muscle pain and headaches after treatment. Most pain will subside over time; however, some patients experience pain for months and even years after treatment due to permanent nerve damage.
Healthcare providers often recommend pain medications to control the discomfort. These can range from over-the-counter pain relievers, to heavy duty prescription drugs. Many patients fear further side effects from these medications and are often unsure about mentioning pain to their doctors. They also don’t want to feel groggy, act strangely or become dependent on some of the stronger prescriptions.
Relief from pain doesn’t have to come in the form of medication or additional invasive procedures. Milkweed Balm, an anti-inflammatory oil, can be applied topically and may help promote bone, joint, and muscle health.
After the rollercoaster of diagnosis and treatment, patients can feel hopeful again with a pain management plan.