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Asclepius: Greek God of Healing

Growing up, I always loved watching Disney movies. One of my favorites, was Hercules; which admittedly, I still watch today. I immediately fell in the LOVE with the idea of Greek Gods and Goddesses watching over us. Each character had their own special talent that made them unique and I wanted so badly to have my own talent too. The older I got, the more I wanted to study Greek Mythology and the history behind it all. I quickly learned that there is so much more to Greek Mythology than just the Gods/Goddesses. 

Not too long ago, I began working for a company that sold Milkweed Balm. Now, I know you are wondering how this all ties together, but hang with me and you will see. This Milkweed Balm provides quick relief for those suffering from arthritic pain, backaches, sports injuries, neuropathy, migraines, and even cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy. I was shocked with how well this works! I get calls from customers all the time about how amazing our product is and how nothing has eased their pain, quite like our balm. As it turns out, Milkweed has natural healing affects and was named after none other than Asclepius, the Greek God of Medicine and Healing.

You can imagine my excitement to learn that Greek Mythology was playing a role in my job! Now, I may not have any healing talents myself, but the product I am promoting does; and helping people find that relief with Milkweed Balm is almost like having healing powers, right?