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Back to Baking thanks to Milkweed Balm

Dorothy Price, 55, is a 5-year survivor of stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys baking, making jelly preserves and cheering on the Carolina Panthers when her pain is under control. Luckily, she discovered Milkweed Balm while scrolling through Facebook. 

"I have neuropathy in my feet, causing pain, swelling, cramping and itching," Price explained. "I have arthritis in both knees. I was tired of prescription meds with side effects. I also tried rubs, gels and creams that smelled badly. As soon as I put Milkweed Balm on my feet and knees, I began to feel movement in my muscles."

After the first application of Milkweed Balm, Price was able to get up from her chair that she had been glued to for a year, and walked with ease into the kitchen. "When my feet and knees hurt at the same time all day long every day, getting up and down is really tough," she said. "I was amazed — I hardly had any pain from just the first application."

Price's husband uses Milkweed Balm on his back and loves the results. Price said, "We also use it for toothache pain, sinus headaches, and carpal tunnel pain. It also helps with muscle cramps and my grandson's eczema. I think that Milkweed Balm is a godsend."

After three years of not baking, Price is happily back in the kitchen thanks to Milkweed Balm.

"I made my daughter a birthday cake from scratch!" she exclaimed. "It's all coming back. Thank you, Milkweed Balm."