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Breast Cancer Survior, Pat Moxley, shares her Milkweed Balm Story

As of June 4, 2018, Patricia Moxley is cancer-free! Diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago, Moxley had a mastectomy to remove the tumor and surrounding breast tissue. Although the surgery was successful, it left her with some pain and discomfort in the area. After coming across an ad for Milkweed Balm on a breast cancer site, she contacted her daughter, a labor and delivery nurse, to do some investigating. An order was placed, and the rest is history! Both ladies are now Milkweed Balm advocates.

When applying Milkweed Balm to her mastectomy pain, Moxley began to notice that it was helping with arthritis in her fingers as well. She shared the roll-on bottle with a friend who had a double mastectomy and she also found relief. Because of these great results, Moxley wants more people to know about the benefits of the product. Her idea combines adding samples of Milkweed Balm to an apron she received from her cousin after her mastectomy. The apron quickly became her go-to garment post-surgery.

Recently, Moxley hosted a local sewing event making tube and drain aprons for post-surgery breast cancer patients. The aprons keep the tubes and drains from getting tangled in bedding and garments. Moxley would love to include samples of Milkweed Balm in the pockets of these aprons for cancer patients. She thinks it is a wonderful gift to give them before surgery. With Milkweed Balm on hand, there is relief in sight!