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Celebrate National Family Caregiver Month

During National Family Caregiver Month we recognize the courageous individuals who step up to help care for family members who are in need. Through selfless acts, sacrifice and love, caregivers protect dignity and provide care and comfort to their loved ones.
Family caregivers have a complicated role. Often they have families of their own and full-time jobs when they are caring for a loved one. These dedicated people enable family members to stay at home longer, where they are happier and healthier, putting their own lives on hold.
Pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes are among the many illnesses that have awareness campaigns in November. While we look to educate and raise money to find cures for these debilitating diseases, caregivers are in the trenches helping to ease the pain for loved ones day to day.
These unsung heroes often perform medical tasks, prepare meals, massage aching muscles with Milkweed Balm, manage prescriptions and operate specialized equipment for their loved ones. They are present for doctor’s appointments, hospital visits and all vital decisions. They work tirelessly to give their loved ones the best of themselves.
As the number of aging Americans increases, so will the number of caregivers. At some point in our lives we will likely take on this role for a loved one. Although it comes with many challenges, caregiving is a fulfilling and life changing experience. It is a selfless expression of love and sacrifice that does wonders for the soul.