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Celebrating Survivors of Cancer

June is National Cancer Survivor Month, and it's the perfect opportunity to get out and support those who have won their battle and those who are still fighting the disease. Many communities and cancer-related organizations host events to come together and celebrate survivorship and learn about the hardships survivors still face. Many cancer survivors are now living longer, more fulfilling lives after diagnosis thanks to advances in prevention and treatment, but continued awareness is important.

Cancer survivors face many challenges during and after treatment. Physical, emotional and financial hardships often continue long after treatment. Many face economic burdens due to medical expenses and lost wages. Cancer survivors are also at an increased risk for developing secondary cancers or other health conditions and live in fear of recurrence. Many also live with neuropathy from chemotherapy which can make simple daily tasks difficult. 

Helping survivors to improve their quality of life is part of this initiative. Alternative solutions like Milkweed Balm may help promote bone, joint, and muscle health. When pain is managed, survivors can focus on living their best life. Milkweed Balm is a safe and natural alternative to costly medications. 

Anyone can organize an event to show their support for survivors. You can start by gathering information here. After you register your event, you will need to get sponsors, pick a location, choose a theme, and figure out the details. If planning is not your forte, you can find an event in your community by checking with your local treatment center.