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Colon Cancer

Any cancer diagnosis can be frightening, sad and confusing, especially when you don’t have all the answers. Colon cancer, also known as colorectal, is a cancer of the colon or rectum and usually originates from small polyps. Colon cancer affects millions of people each year, but with education and early detection, it can be a treatable disease.
Studies have shown that living a healthy lifestyle and getting regular screenings can help reduce your risks of colon cancer. The screenings often find the cancer in its early stages when it is most treatable. Doctors typically recommend screenings at age 50, but sometimes earlier if other risk factors are present or if there is a family history.
The exact cause of colon cancer is unknown at this time; however, researchers believe it is linked to the way genes mutate in certain individuals. Some mutations are inherited, while most are acquired during a person’s lifetime. If the mutations are cancerous, the primary treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.
Many patients experience pain after treatment due to the tumor itself or the chemotherapy. Pain management typically includes prescription medication, nerve blocking therapy, physical therapy and massage therapy. An alternative solution to pain management can come from natural alternatives.   Applied topically, Milkweed Balm may help promote bone, joint, and muscle health without unwanted side effects.
Improvements in prevention and medicine have changed the survival rate of colon cancer and those afflicted are learning to live well after treatment.