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Continuing Her Passion: Sylvia May’s Story

Sylvia May was born in Los Angeles, California, and lived there most of her life. She has always enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of the climate on the West Coast. She now resides in Virginia, where it can be cold at times. After being active well into her 40's, May began getting injuries and now suffers from arthritis, which can be exacerbated by the cold temperatures. 

In December of 2000, May was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Since her diagnosis, May has undergone 10 surgeries, leaving her with painful body aches. An avid baker and owner of Scrumptious Scriptures, May knew she had to do something about her pain so she could continue with her important work.

While reading about Milkweed Balm on Facebook back in September, May decided to give it a try. "I read the testimonials and decided I had to try it," she said. Her last shoulder surgery left her feeling a lot of pain. After using Milkweed Balm, the pain left her shoulder in 15 minutes.

"I had been on several pain medications like Bengay and Motrin," she said. "But Milkweed Balm was so much faster." 

With just a small amount, May felt quick relief and decided to pass Milkweed Balm on to her husband for his wrist pain. He couldn't believe the results, either. Since then, she's been bragging to her co-workers about the benefits, and they all loved it, too. 

May is extremely grateful for the relief she has gotten from Milkweed Balm. "Thank you all," she said. "I can continue with my love for baking."