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Customer Story: Amy Tascarella

At 54, Amy Tascarella is a wife, mother of two, grandmother of three and a cancer survivor. Currently, in remission from acute myeloid leukemia, Tascarella is also an insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetic for the past 36 years. As a result, she suffers from neuropathy in her hips and legs. After no success with over-the-counter creams and prescriptions from her doctor, Tascarella decided to give Milkweed Balm a try.

“I learned about Milkweed Balm on Facebook and was hopeful it would work for my hip and leg pain,” Tascarella explained. She began using it on her neuropathy before Easter and now applies it to soothe the bone spurs on her feet as well. “I especially like that Milkweed Balm starts working almost immediately and that it doesn’t really have a scent to distract from its use,” she said.

Tascarella is grateful for the pain relief she feels from using Milkweed Balm. “I would sum up Milkweed Balm as my lifesaver. It has allowed me to spend quality time with my family and not have to be confined to my recliner for long periods of time, in pain.” Since Easter, she has seen a major improvement in pain relief.

Tascarella has been spreading the benefits of Milkweed Balm to friends near and far. Milkweed Balm has changed her outlook on life and given her hope when she thought there was none. “This cream has been my lifesaver, and I can’t or won’t be without it,” she said.