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Customer Story: Jacqueline Weatherall

Healthy, young and active, Jacqueline Weatherall was shocked to find out she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 40s. After enduring six months of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, Weatherall then learned she had a rare form of aggressive breast cancer called triple negative metaplastic, with only a 13 percent survival rate after three years.
Weatherall’s diagnosis required daily treatments totaling 28 sessions of radiation therapy. Many side effects, including intense pain, were part of her on-going recovery. She relied on medicines like Vicodin and Norco to address the pain, but she wasn’t happy with the results. After joining a few breast cancer groups on Facebook, Milkweed Balm and Monarch butterflies popped up on her screen. Encouraged by her husband, Weatherall decided to try it and now uses it for everything and shares it with everyone!
“Milkweed worked for me on all the horrible pains I got from chemo and shooting pains and dull aches from bone fractures. I even put it on my jaw for the pain in my teeth,” Weatherall said. “I used to live on painkillers. Since I started using Milkweed Balm, I haven’t had to rely on them.”
Weatherall likes the balm for her pain because of the hands-on therapy, while her husband prefers the roll-on for knee pain, sinuses and migraines. 
In January of 2022, Weatherall will be a twelve-year survivor.  She attributes this to luck, mindset and healthy eating. “Your mind has to be open to get better,” she said.