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Customer Story: Thuresa Fowler

Thuresa Fowler, 53, is a breast cancer survivor who just celebrated the one year anniversary of her last chemo treatment. Like many others who've undergone chemotherapy, Fowler suffers from neuropathy and needed something to ease her pain. About six months ago, she stumbled across Milkweed Balm on a breast cancer survivors site and has been using it ever since.   

"I have chemo-induced neuropathy in my hands and feet," Fowler explained. "Prior to using Milkweed Balm, I used prescription painkillers. I didn't want to take painkillers anymore because of the side effects. I wanted something natural that could ease my pain so I could chase my granddaughter around!" Milkweed Balm has minimized her pain and increased her mobility so she can keep up with her 4-year-old granddaughter, who is always on the move. 

Fowler also uses Milkweed Balm across her arms and chest for much-needed relief. "It eases the discomfort of having implants from breast reconstruction," she said. Milkweed Balm is safe to use at the site of pain anywhere on your body. Massaging the area during the application can boost the effects. 

Even long after cancer treatment ends, neuropathy is often a painful reminder of the devastating disease. Milkweed Balm is the one thing that has worked to ease Fowler's pain. Now, she can look forward to her future and enjoy the time she spends with her granddaughter. "It has given me a sense of normalcy, and I would absolutely recommend it to others," Fowler said.