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Customer, Tracey Lambert, Shares Her Love of Milkweed Balm

A few years ago, when Monarch Flyway started to delve into using milkweed oil as a natural remedy for pain, Tracey Lambert was approached by her friend at Ogallala Comfort, the sister company to Milkweed Balm, to try the product for her migraines. After much success, Lambert, 55, continues to use Milkweed Balm for her migraines as well as the pain she suffers from scoliosis, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis in her hip.

Prior to using Milkweed Balm for migraines, Lambert was taking two preventative medications and an actual migraine medication when she was suffering from a headache. Now, when she has symptoms, she rubs the oil on her temples, neck, and head. The natural, fragrance-free formula is a bonus, as scents tend to give her migraines. Lambert also puts Milkweed Balm all over her face for sinus pain and on her hips where it hurts.

"I used Milkweed Balm a ton last summer when I broke my ankle. After the initial terrible pain was gone, I used it everyday. I had a hard time healing and was hoping it could help with that as well. Anytime I have an ache or pain, I rub it on and away I go," said Lambert.

Recently, Lambert recommended Milkweed Balm to a friend who struggles with back issues and to her hair dresser who suffers from arthritis. She happily shares her success with others who may benefit because Milkweed Balms helps Lambert stay on the move!