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"Early Detection Saved My Life." by Angela Frame, Breast Cancer Survivor

Chances are if you have ever commented on our social media sites in the last eight years, you were talking to me. Story after story, you shared your experiences with us and the world. Now it is my turn...
September 2020, I was sitting in our school gym watching my daughter play volleyball when my doctor called me with the news...I had breast cancer.  Specifically, HR positive, DCIS.  I was devastated.  Instantly, my life and outlook changed.  Thankfully, my doctor didn't put off my mammogram since I had had my first one when I was 40.  She said, "It's been two years.  Let's go ahead and schedule another one."  I am very lucky that my cancer was caught early. I had to have a partial mastectomy and 33 rounds of radiation. My skin is very sensitive and I struggled with severe radiation burns. Having listened and replied to many of your breast cancer stories and how much Milkweed Balm helped our customers during treatment, I decided to reach for my trusty AnyTime cream for my pain.  It worked better than the prescriptions for relieving my surgery site pain and helped soothe my burned skin. Up until then, I only used Milkweed Balm for sore muscles, headaches, and my children's growing pains and sports injuries.  Today, I continue to use my favorite cream, GoTime, when my lymph nodes ache.  I never thought I would get this diagnosis, but I am forever grateful for the relief Milkweed Balm provided when I needed it the most. 
 I hope this message inspires you to schedule yours! Early detection saved my life and today I'm a SURVIVOR!