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Free from Pain

Lori Emanuel was diagnosed with stage-2 invasive ductal carcinoma at 51 years old. She went through eight rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy and 34 rounds of radiation, unaware that there would be painful lingering side effects. Emanuel took many pain medications prior to finding Milkweed Balm on a breast cancer support site. “Although I was on the highest doses possible, nothing ever helped completely. I was so tired of taking drugs, and I wanted to find a more natural way to combat the pain.”
After inquiring with her oncologist and following his recommendation, Emanuel started drinking eight ounces of pure tart cherry juice for inflammation and personally decided to try the Milkweed Balm after reading about it. “I applied it several times a day to my shoulder, and after 30 days I could tell a difference. Since then I’ve been hooked! I tell my doctors, nurses, friends and anyone who will listen to me about this product,” Emanuel said.
Recently, Emanuel began using Milkweed Balm on her carpal tunnel syndrome with great success, too. “I love this stuff because it works, there is virtually no scent at all, and it is natural,” she explained. Her doctors were even impressed and gave it thumbs up.
“After this past year and a half of tests, drugs, surgeries, and scans, the last thing I wanted to do was have more pain from my bone spurs and carpal tunnel. This has freed me from pain. I can’t say enough about Milkweed Balm. It really does work,” Emanuel said.