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Gentle, Safe & Effective: Milkweed Balm Works for More than Just Cancer Pain

An avid biker and athlete, Diana Mehrens was not expecting a breast cancer diagnosis at age 49 in 2002. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer came back in 2003, leaving her frightened and frustrated. After almost 11 years, Mehrens became metastatic with breast cancer in her spine, which progressed, and she began having weekly treatments of Taxol.
“Neuropathy from Taxol became very painful,” she said. “I resisted oral medication and just kept trying to cope with neuropathy and aches from weekly chemo.” She came across Milkweed Balm in 2014 on Facebook, and although skeptical about a homeopathic product, Mehrens gave it a try.
“I’ve been using it now two to three times a day on my feet, hands and elbows for bursitis and aches. I also used it after my shingles healed. I believe Milkweed Balm works. My neuropathy is more tolerable, my elbow is better and I like the consistency of the balm,” explained Mehrens. 
Mehrens has shared her great results with other cancer patients, family and friends, touting Milkweed Balm’s effectiveness in reducing aches and pains from neuropathy and other physical ailments. An added bonus is its help with dry skin. “It keeps skin healthy, it’s good for wrinkles and it prevents cracking of skin in dry spots. It feels good on your body wherever you use it,” she said. “Milkweed Balm is a gentle, safe product. It is the best product out there for feet and hand issues.”