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Grateful for a Natural Alternative

In December 2015, Amy Ramsey was involved in a serious car accident that left her with brain trauma and a herniated disk in her neck, causing severe headaches and nerve pain. A busy 39-year-old mother of four and devoted wife, Ramsey had to quit her job because the pain was so unbearable. As a believer in holistic healing, Ramsey tried several supplements, pain relievers, and essential oils and found little to no relief. She was frustrated and in need of help.

A friend with breast cancer told Ramsey about her own success with Milkweed Balm, so she reached out for a free sample. "I messaged Milkweed Balm on their Facebook page and told them my issues. They told me they thought it would help. At this point, I was willing to try anything," Ramsey said.

Ramsey was skeptical at first but decided to try it when she was suffering from a bad headache that lasted for days. "It was miserable. I could hardly function," Ramsey recalled. "I put Milkweed Balm on my neck, forehead, and temples, then laid down. I must have fallen asleep finally, and when I woke up, my headache was gone. I started using it on my arm and hand for the nerve pain, too. It helped greatly! I was shocked!"

Now a true believer, Ramsey uses Milkweed Balm for her kids, too. From sunburn to rashes, Milkweed Balm works for her family, and now they order the big jar! "There is no strong odor, it is fast-acting with no side effects, and it is chemical-free so it won't burn or sting, which is great for kids," she said. 

Ramsey is now a Foot Zone practitioner and energy worker. She truly appreciates the natural ingredients in Milkweed Balm that relieve her pain. "Milkweed Balm is a godsend," she said. "I am grateful to people who search alternatives to healing besides chemicals and medicines."