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Healthy Alternative to Pain Medication – Jill Hansford’s Story

Jill Hansford has had her share of challenging times. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and then again in 2012, which led to a mastectomy. Her third diagnosis came in 2015, when doctors found an inoperable tumor that was too close to a major artery, requiring chemotherapy as treatment. With a port in her chest, Hansford receives chemotherapy every three weeks. As a result, she has lost her hair and suffers major joint pain in her fingers, knees and ankles. 

While scrolling through Facebook one day, Hansford came across Milkweed Balm and decided to give it a try. Now on her fourth jar of Milkweed Balm, Hansford is amazed at her results. "I've been on pain meds, but they're not good for your body. This is something that is natural that you can use without getting side effects. It lasts a while and it's healthier for you," she said.

Hansford especially likes using Milkweed Balm for deep massage on her knees and thighs. She even has her husband massage it on her back when she is achy. The best part about Milkweed Balm is that it sinks in like a lotion and doesn't get on her clothing or bedding. There is no bothersome scent, either. 

In addition to passing Milkweed Balm onto her mother-in-law for rheumatoid arthritis, Hansford plans to take it along to chemo this week to share with the other patients. "It is a very good product for cancer patients as well as anyone who suffers from arthritis. I would highly recommend that people try it. It has been a godsend to me," Hansford said.