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How Hot Weather Impacts Chronic Pain

High heat and humidity can make even the healthiest individuals feel sluggish, tired and achy, but those with chronic pain conditions are especially susceptible to the negative effects of extreme heat. If you suffer from a chronic pain condition, you may have difficulty regulating your system with extreme changes in temperature. You may experience changes in fluid levels that lubricate the joints. Because of this, you may experience an increase in inflammation and pain on hot days. 

When it comes to managing your pain, doctors may need to adjust medication dosages in the hot summer months or look for alternative solutions. Milkweed Balm, a natural anti-inflammatory oil, may be used to help promote bone, joint, and muscle health. 

There are other things you can do to keep your pain under control. When the temperatures are high, try to stay indoors in the air conditioning. Keep your home cool and invest in a dehumidifier to keep moisture out of the air, and the humidity low. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and eat healthy, nutrient-rich meals to help keep pain at bay. Try not to overexert yourself on hot days. 

Hot summer days can be exhausting for everyone. If you suffer from a chronic condition, get ahead of it by managing the pain naturally with Milkweed Balm, keeping your environment cool, and listening to your body when it needs rest.