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Is It Possible To Eat Healthy At Thanksgiving?

Research shows that some people consume over 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day without even realizing it. If you think that number is a stretch, try adding up the calories on some of your favorite holiday dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. Although the traditional holiday favorites are high in calories, it’s often the portion size that gets you in trouble. It is possible to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal without depriving yourself of your favorites, if you follow a few guidelines. 

  1. Don’t skip breakfast in preparation of a big meal. It is better to eat a healthy breakfast and a portion-controlled Thanksgiving meal rather than eat all your calories at one sitting. 
  2. Schedule in some morning exercise like a Turkey Trot or plan to take a walk after your Thanksgiving meal. You will burn a few calories and feel a lot better when you move. 
  3. Use smaller plates to keep portions small. Research indicates that you can reduce your calorie intake by 20% when you eat from a 10-inch plate instead of a 12-inch plate. 
  4. Eat slowly and mindfully. Savor every bite and avoid going back for second and third helpings. 
  5. Limit your alcohol intake. Not only are alcoholic drinks high in calories, they aren’t good for your health. If you do indulge, drink water to stay hydrated. 

It’s smart to plan out your Thanksgiving calorie intake ahead of time. This way you won’t eat mindlessly throughout the day. Plus, you’ll have more leftovers to enjoy the next day!