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It’s the Little Things: Showing Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Sometimes those that struggle the most can be the most thankful for the simple things in life. During and after cancer treatments, it might seem unrealistic to be appreciative, but that is often when patients are thankful for time and memory-making opportunities with loved ones. Living with cancer teaches you to value the positive moments.

Thanksgiving is about gratitude and giving thanks for the big and small blessings in life. This truly means something different for everyone, especially cancer patients, who begin to see life with a more valuable perspective. Successful surgeries, clean scans and feeling stronger are small victories that can leave patients feeling hopeful and thankful.
With new treatment options available and continued research, now more than ever living with cancer does not have to mean a terminal diagnosis. There are even new treatments available for the awful side effects of chemotherapy.  Many are thankful for simple, non-invasive, natural alternatives, such as Milkweed Balm, that help to give them back their quality of life.
Be thankful for those that lend an empathetic ear when you need it most. Other patients, family members and friends are vital to your well-being. To be able to talk openly about your emotional and physical struggles relieves stress and the burden of doing it alone.
Fighting cancer can be exhausting, depressing and intimidating. When you find reasons to be grateful, you will improve your quality of life and change your outlook on the future.