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Love One Another

When your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a frightening and confusing time. You may have questions that you are afraid to ask for fear of the answers, or you may feel emotionally distraught and unsure of what to do or how to help. Unwavering support, kind words and good deeds can help your loved one in many ways.
It is often difficult to know what to say to someone when they have cancer. Sometimes the simplest expressions of concern are the most meaningful. You can offer words of encouragement or just simply be there to listen—just be perceptive to how the person is feeling and let them guide the conversation.
Offering help is a great way to support someone who is sick. Grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking are all concrete ways to lend a hand and show you care. Since typical routines often get disrupted during treatment, running errands, offering rides and managing bills are other ways you can support someone you love.
If pain from chemo is affecting your loved one, suggest ways to help alleviate their discomfort. A gentle massage or application of Milkweed Balm may help soothe painful areas, while the human touch may boost a sense of warmth and security, enhancing their mood and reducing stress.
Your support during this difficult time will help your loved one feel connected and loved. Do what feels natural and comfortable and don’t be afraid to include them in plans and conversations.