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Manage Your Spring Cleaning Without Added Pain

As the flowers begin to bloom and the hours of daylight increase, we often feel an awakening in spring that prompts a good cleaning. We open the windows to let the air flow in, while we clean hard-to-reach places that have been neglected all winter. Sometimes that means getting up on a ladder or stretching muscles that are tight, or making repetitious motions that we're not used to making as we wash windows or clean the blinds. For many, a big spring cleaning can be exhausting, especially if you live with chronic pain. Here are some tips for managing your pain so you can get the job done.

  1. Break down the job into smaller tasks. Try not to tackle the whole house in one or two days. If you are planning to work on the windows one day, save the floors for another day. Plan to divide and conquer with your spouse or kids so you are not the only one working.
  2. Apply Milkweed Balm before you begin your chores for the day and again at night before bed. By massaging a small amount into the site of pain, you will find relief so you can go about your work. The anti-inflammatory properties found in the milkweed plant help to ease your discomfort.
  3. Think about changing your diet to include foods that reduce inflammation in your body. Some of these include tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fatty fish, and berries. If you consume enough of these foods regularly, it will help facilitate the healing of inflamed areas. 
  4. Keep active. A little movement every day will make a big spring cleaning more manageable. Simple stretching and walking will loosen stiff joints so you can move with greater ease. You can start small and build onto your routine as you become more comfortable. 
  5. Rest as needed in between jobs. When you feel tired and achy, give yourself time to re-energize. Since cleaning does not have to be done at a certain time, space out your chores so you don't overdo it. 

If you suffer from chronic pain but want to get started with spring cleaning, just pace yourself. Do your best to manage your pain and remember no one is judging your efforts. You will feel good knowing you're getting your house in order so you can enjoy the next few months of warm weather.