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Milkweed Balm Customer, Marcia Switzer, found relief!

As a mom of four adult children and a school secretary, Marcia Switzer decided to pursue her dreams and get her bachelor's degree, with the hopes of continuing on to law school. While working full time and enduring a hectic schedule of studying, Marcia's health problems seemed to worsen. She had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in her lower back and neck, which caused pain in her legs, shoulders, and arms. The pain was exacerbated by the stress of school and work. Migraines eventually led Marcia to a neurologist back in 2010, as well as physical therapy visits, massage, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. After experiencing side effects and little relief, Marcia felt hopeless.  

One day while posting on Facebook about her migraine pain, Marcia came across an advertisement for Milkweed Balm. Hesitant to try something she hadn't heard of, she decided to do a little research on the benefits of milkweed. "I grew up in Western New York and remember playing in the open fields in the late summer when the milkweed would open and little seeds would be everywhere. I remember the sticky sappy milk in the plant. I also remember someone mentioning that the American Indian tribes used to use milkweed as well as other plants for a bunch of cures," Marcia said. She decided to go ahead and give it a try because she was so tired of being in pain.

After receiving the jar, Marcia used the Milkweed Balm on her migraine. Within two minutes she could feel relief but was still skeptical. She continued to apply the Milkweed Balm to her neck but also experienced an unexpected injury to her arms during a routine subway ride. With bruised arms, Marcia expected to be in excruciating pain the next morning so she applied more Milkweed. "I woke up, my arms hurt where the bruises were, but to my sheer joy, my neck, with its five completely blown discs, was pain-free."

With such great results, Marcia now uses Milkweed Balm for any pain she's experiencing and recommends it to others. "What I like most about it is you use very little, which means a small jar lasts a long while, and the effects are immediate. It also is targeted relief, but it isn’t specific to one type of pain like joint, headache, or muscle. It is natural so I’m not harming the environment, nor am I using something my body is going to reject. To sum it up, this has become my little miracle jar." Marcia now looks forward to managing the rigors of law school without pain.