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Milkweed Balm Provides Amazing, Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

LaDonna Lindsey, a 40-year veteran nurse, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2015. She was concerned about the pain and the challenges she faced at work typing patient assessments. Determined to avoid medical treatments with side effects, Lindsey began looking for natural treatment options when she stumbled across Milkweed Balm on Facebook.
Somewhat skeptical, Lindsey ordered a sample of Milkweed Balm and began to use it on one of her hands. Coworkers and patients immediately noticed the difference between the two hands. “The function and movement in the joints was so much better that I started using it on both hands,” she explained. “I’m just so impressed with how my hands look. Even the appearance of them, that redness, that swelling across the knuckles and the joints is greatly reduced.”
Prior to using Milkweed Balm, Lindsey tried other options with only moderate relief. “I was to the point where I thought I was going to have to start using a cane when I walked my dog, but the cane went back in the closet!” she said. With Milkweed Balm, she continues to garden and engage in family activities with little discomfort and no pharmaceutical side effects.
“It’s given me my life back. Milkweed Balm is actually going in there and changing the joints, helping them to restore to their original function, and not just blocking the pain sensation. It is the best present I’ve ever given myself.”