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Mindfulness for Pain Relief: It Can Make a Difference!

It's hard not think about pain when you are experiencing it. Understandably, your thoughts associated with pain are usually negative. These thoughts not only exacerbate the pain, they can lead to anxiety and depression. Mindful meditation has been shown to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain among many sufferers. It teaches people to be curious about the intensity of their pain and to let go of goals and expectations.

When you are mindful, you are switching gears to more of a learning mindset instead of an achievement-oriented mindset. You're not looking for how to fix your pain, you are just observing what you notice about it. By being mindful, you can remove the distortions that often accompany your thinking when faced with an episode of chronic pain.

You can get a more accurate perception of your pain when you are mindful. By simply paying attention to it, you may notice that it's not flaring up as often as you originally thought, which can relieve some of your frustration and anxiety. Some strategies for mindfulness include bringing awareness to each part of your body, grounding your breath, and healthy distractions.

Using Milkweed Balm in conjunction with mindfulness can be an effective addition to your pain management plan. The anti-inflammatory properties may help promote bone, joint, and muscle health so you can focus on daily tasks. When flare-ups arise, be mindful and don't let your negative thinking take over. Since it's natural, you can re-apply Milkweed Balm as often as needed to get back to living.