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National Cancer Prevention Month

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. It is estimated that many common cancers in the United States could be prevented by eating well, staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and kicking bad habits. How can you personally lower your risk of developing cancer in your lifetime?
Research has shown that processed foods made with chemicals and preservatives are dangerous to consume. Regular consumption of these foods can cause unnecessary weight gain and disease. Your best bet is to eat organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats when possible. Many fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that fight off disease and keep your body in an alkaline state.
Staying active has many benefits, including weight loss and muscle gain. Excess weight can affect certain hormones, immune system function and inflammation. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can lessen your chances of developing several diseases such as bowel, breast, uterine, ovarian, kidney, liver and prostate cancer.
Smoking and excessive alcohol uses have also been directly linked to cancer. You can choose to live a tobacco ­free life by getting the help you need from a support group or doctor. The damage can be reversed if you do something about it now. Although a glass of wine a day may have health benefits, alcohol abuse has the opposite effect. Consuming too much alcohol increases your risk of several cancers, so drink in moderation.
By making some lifestyle changes, you can lower your risk of developing certain cancers. Isn’t it worth it?