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Neuropathy Know-How

Deborah Dekleva

You’ve probably uttered the phrase, “You’re getting on my nerves,” to someone who has irritated you at some point in your life. Nerves are associated with feelings, both emotionally and physically. Your peripheral nervous system connects the nerves from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. These nerves deliver signals about physical sensations back to your brain.
When nerves are damaged or destroyed, they do not function properly. Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder that occurs when nerves breakdown from illness, infection, or injury. The three types of peripheral nerves include automatic nerves, which connect to your internal organs; motor nerves, which connect to your muscles; and sensory nerves, which connect to your skin.
The most common symptoms of neuropathy are tingling and numbness in your hands and feet, sharp pains, and weakness. Neuropathy pain can interfere with daily living and can eventually lead to disability. Many pain relief options, including prescription medications and medical treatments, are unsuccessful and costly.
Neuropathy is a common condition and although it can’t be cured, you can live a more fulfilling life by finding effective treatment options like.

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