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New Year, New Outlook

As you look ahead to the New Year, plan for a new outlook on life, outside of cancer. Research indicates that positivity can increase your prognosis and the quality of your life. Here are some resolutions to consider for balancing your life and managing your emotional and physical pain.

  • Think of each day as a new beginning. You will have good days and bad days, but when you wake each morning, express gratitude for simply having a new start.

  • Focus on your loved ones, instead of yourself. Put energy into time spent together, instead of time spent worrying.

  • Be realistic about your circumstances and accept what “normal” is now.

  • Know that there are many other people suffering a similar battle or something worse. Remind yourself that you are stronger than you think.

  • In the worst times, look for the ray of hope or silver lining in every situation, regardless of how small it might seem—a hand to hold, a warm blanket during chemo, or having a pet by your side.

  • Tend to your aches and pains naturally. Use Milkweed Balm to soothe your muscles.

  • Understand that your attitude is truly a choice, and you can choose to be positive even in the most difficult times.

  • Look to your faith for comfort and answers.

  • When you are feeling well, keep busy with activities you enjoy such as gardening, taking care of pets, and visiting friends.

  • Become inspired by those that have fought and won the battle with cancer before you.

While positive thinking alone can’t cure cancer, attitude is critical to getting through the process and growing stronger as a person.