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Oh What a Relief It Is: Milkweed Balm Eases Pain for Marcia Waldon

Marcia Waldon, a nine-month breast cancer survivor, summed up her experience with Milkweed Balm in a few words, “Oh what a relief it is!”
Waldon suffers from joint pain and neuropathy in her hands and feet as a result of chemotherapy. While on Facebook about a month ago, she came across a discussion about Milkweed Balm and decided to order a sample.
Waldon was taking three different medications for the pain prior to finding Milkweed Balm. “I had restless nights, so the first place I wanted to use it was on my knees,” she said. “I couldn’t believe the relief I got from it. I very seldom take a pain pill now. I just use the Milkweed Balm on my knees and joints.”
After feeling relief in her joints and knees, Waldon began to use Milkweed Balm for discomfort in her breasts and shoulders. “I also have edema, soreness and tenderness in the breast. Since using Milkweed Balm on my breasts, the swelling has gone down and the soreness has been relieved. I couldn’t believe how much it helped with the breast edema,” she said.
Waldon is still using her Milkweed Balm sample that she received in July and plans to reorder soon and spread the word. “It really doesn’t take much,” she added. “I highly recommend anyone that suffers any type of pain to give this a try. It has definitely given me relief.”