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Prognosis Not Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is frightening and devastating at any age. Hearing those words for the first time would make anyone anxious and worried about the future, and in addition to the initial shock comes the realization that life may change temporarily or long term.
Once a doctor has made the diagnosis, he or she can plan a treatment program for you. Based on your medical condition, the success rate of the treatment, your age and overall health, your doctor will make a prognosis, or a prediction of progress over time.
During treatment and after, you may not feel your best as the chemotherapy and radiation work to destroy cancerous cells. You may feel pain at the site of treatment or nerve pain throughout your body. Taking steps to relieve your symptoms is one way to combat the side effects.
Milkweed Balm, a natural blend of oils from the milkweed plant, may be used to help promote bone, joint, and muscle health. When pain is under control, you can get back to working on your plans for recovery.
Finding a balance between thinking about your medical condition and actually living your life can be challenging. When patients focus on their prognosis instead of their diagnosis, they begin to feel hopeful about the future. Small successes during treatment can build encouragement and a positive outlook for the days ahead.