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Seasons Change: Pain Relief May Be Just Around the Corner

Two-time breast cancer survivor Julie O’Connor was scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed the first time she came across information about Milkweed Balm. “I have a lot of pain from medication and surgeries, so I e-mailed and asked for samples,” O’Connor said. Her right foot was particularly painful, so when the samples arrived, she applied Milkweed Balm right away, and it worked quickly to provide relief. “The relief was almost immediate—that’s what got my attention.”
In addition to the joint pain, O’Connor has had bruising from falls. She has also applied Milkweed Balm to these places and has been extremely happy with the results. She has shared her story with all of her friends and family. “I know of at least 10 people who have ordered it because I’ve let them try mine, and they were so impressed.”
“My friend’s husband was in so much discomfort from major heart surgery that she convinced him to allow her to apply Milkweed Balm. He couldn’t believe how much relief he got. Now he is telling his doctor about it,” O’Connor said.
Prior to discovering Milkweed Balm, O’Connor used different creams and over-the-counter pain medications, many of which didn’t agree with her. Now, along with her regular practice of gentle yoga, O’Connor has found the answer she’s been looking for in Milkweed Balm. “After six years in treatment trying to find different products, Milkweed Balm has been extremely helpful. I’ve tried many things, but the Milkweed Balm just gives me relief.”