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She Doesn’t Leave Home Without It

Vickie Cotten retired from her position at First Baptist Child Development Center in Spring Lake, North Carolina, after working there for 19 years. She enjoyed working with the 3-year-olds and in administration, but in April 2012, she started to have problems with her breast and noticed a lump shortly after. Vickie was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in April 2013 and has since undergone a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.

After her surgery, six months of chemo, and 30 days of radiation, Vickie was feeling the pain. Luckily, her daughter reminded her about the Milkweed Balm she had ordered for her migraines and suggested she try it on her breast area. Since she had great success with relieving her headaches, she figured she had nothing to lose. After her initial application, she began to feel relief.

Vickie lives off her retirement, so she is careful about spending. When she saw Milkweed Balm on Facebook and read the comments, she knew it was worth a try, and now she can't live without it. Whether it's for migraines, breast pain, or knee pain, Vickie keeps her Milkweed Balm with her at all times. She tells everyone about it, including her doctors.

With the support of her daughter, Vickie has a lot to look forward to. She is now 66 years old and cancer-free. Vickie may even go back to work or volunteer a few days a week at the Child Development Center. Milkweed Balm has been a true success and blessing for Vickie, and she will never go without it again.